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How To Have A Nerdy (And Acceptable) Wedding

One of the hottest trends in weddings lately is nerdy weddings infused with cultural references from video games or fantasy and sci-fi films and television shows. While it's fun and can create a one-of-a-kind wedding, finding a way to make it socially acceptable to your family members who aren't nerds while staying true to your interests can be difficult. This guide will help you to integrate nerd culture without alienating your friends and family.

Introduce Your Interests Early On

It's easy to add some nerdy flair to your wedding long before it ever starts, which keeps the over-the-top nerdy references out of your actual wedding. One of the best ways to do this is to have custom invitations designed for your wedding that are closely connected to your interests. These invitations can still appear professional, but can also show what you and your loved one are choosing as a theme for the wedding. One couple did this with custom invitations designed to mimic scenes from the Zelda game series.

This not only shows who you two are as a couple, but may give your attendees the idea that you might enjoy a wedding present that matches the theme of your invitation. It also gives fair warning to members of your family who aren't interested in nerdy culture that the wedding may be a bit eccentric, so it may come as less of a shock once they arrive at the wedding.

Choose Nerdy Rings

Many people feel that some aspects of the wedding should make people beyond the couple happy: for example, a mother-in-law may have a lot to say about the wedding dress the bride chooses. However, the wedding bands are generally the choice of the couple alone, and as such they can be a great opportunity to show your nerd obsessions.

Buying a wedding band that's a replica of a famous ring from a series you both enjoy is one option, or you can go the demure route and have something special engraved on the inside of the ring. No one will know it's there but the two of you, so you can keep the design or words close at all times without it being obvious to people around you.

Do Whatever Makes You Happy, But Help Your Family To Understand

Ultimately, the wedding is for the two of you and you should be happy with it. If that means that the two of you plan to speak your vows in Elvish or wear a cosplay wedding dress, that's great! Just try to inform your family and friends long before the wedding why you're having a nerdy wedding.

For example, maybe the two of you met because you both enjoyed the same thing and attended a fandom convention, or discussing it helped your relationship to grow. While outsiders may not quite get your obsession with the game or series, it puts it in a romantic light that makes it easier to understand why you want to highlight it at your wedding.

Your wedding is a great opportunity to show off what you both love as a couple, and it should make the two of you happy. With some delicacy and explanation, your family and friends will most likely come to support your wedding theme choices. Contact outlets, such as Bridal Elegance, to see how they can fulfill some of your needs.

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